Adult Website Youtube Monetization


Provide an understanding and best practices for how to monetize a YouTube channel, as well as any information specific to how to monetize adult content

Early Findings

The first tip for monetizing YouTube videos is to use Google AdSense, which allows users to track income and get a count of Ad click and Ad view, which can be used in sync with Youtube’s analytics features to determine which videos or types of videos received the most ad traffic.
Another best practice is to share and promote videos on other platforms (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, personal blog, email, etc) in order to bring in additional views.
Once a user has 15,000 cumulative watch hours for their channel in past 90 days they are eligible to apply to be a YouTube partner, which gives them access to advanced content creation tools to bring in viewers.
Another way to monetize YouTube is to work with brand sponsors, who are looking for YouTubers to share their products or websites. These can often be gained by pitching companies that match your content.
It’s also noted that SEO is useful if you are looking to monetize YouTube, and that all videos should be listed with titles selected after keyword research.

Community sponsors are an additional monetization strategy, where YouTube allows your channel's biggest fans to sponsor you for $4.99 a month via a sponsor button, and video creators receive 70% of that sponsorship fee.
Selling merchandise via viewers of channels is another way to monetize. This can include placing branded merchandise in videos, or links to your website selling products or services.
However, it should be noted that according to YouTube’s guidelines, age-restricted videos are not eligible for monetization and also not eligible to be used as ads.

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