Research Outline

Monitoring and Evaluation Toolkits


To provide a list of Monitoring and Evaluation toolkits that currently exist for specific global development sectors (e.g., agriculture and food security; water and sanitation; education; global health; human rights; gender equality / women’s empowerment; employment / economic growth; environment and climate change) as well as a list of what price is typically charged to access these toolkits.

Early Findings

Monitoring and Evaluation Toolkits

  • Several monitoring and evaluation (M&E) toolkits exist. Examples are below:

Employment / Economic Growth

Water and Sanitation

  • A 2012 toolkit by the World Health Organization for monitoring and evaluating household water treatment and safe storage programs can be accessed for free here.


  • The Accelerated Education Programme Monitoring & Evaluation Toolkit was created by the Accelerated Education Working Group made up of the following members: UNHCR, UNESCO, UNICEF, United States Agency for International Development, Plan International, Education Development Center , Save the Children, Norwegian Refugee Council , International Rescue Committee (IRC), and War Child Holland.
  • The Accelerated Education Programme Monitoring & Evaluation Toolkit is available for free here.

Global Health

  • FHI 360 provides a free 'Monitoring Guide and Toolkit for HIV Prevention, Diagnosis, Treatment, and Care Programs with Key Populations' created in 2020.
  • The toolkit is available here for free.

Gender Equality / Women’s Empowerment

  • The Gender-Based Violence (GBV) Monitoring and Evaluation Toolkit for the Whole of Syria Response Turkey Hub GBV Sub-Cluster was drafted by Julia Weinstock, an M&E Consultant, in partnership with the Turkey Hub GBV Sub-Cluster coordination team and Monitoring & Evaluation Technical Committee.
  • The toolkit uses insights and experiences of local and international organizations implementing gender-based violence programs in Turkey cross-border operations and existing best practice GBV resources available globally and regionally.
  • The toolkit is available for free here.

Summay of Findings

The initial research provided a list of some of Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) toolkits that currently exist for specific global development sectors. All the toolkits found are free to access, and links have been provided. We included some toolkits that were created several years ago as they were produced by reputable international organizations such as World Bank and UNICEF.

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