Research Outline

Moving to Atlanta: Motivations and Barriers


To understand the motivations and barriers to moving to Atlanta. This research would be used to understand Atlanta’s position as a whole, including the places where people want to live, work, and play within the city.

Early Findings

Motivations for Moving to Atlanta

  • Early last year, "Penske recognized metro Atlanta as the top moving destination in the country". The city received this recognition for the ninth consecutive year.
  • Atlanta's diverse and vibrant communities, numerous green spaces, and booming economy has inspired many Americans — from millennials to retirees — to move to the city.
  • This city is described as "a digital mecca". It ranks "#4 among Venture Capitalists and is on pace to become the nation’s hottest startup scene."
  • With low unemployment rates and the prospect of adding 1.5 million jobs by 2040, this city is a "sought-after destination for job seekers, especially millennials."
  • Innovators of all ages can operate in the city without having to bother about unruly expenses and political red tape.
  • Compared to large cities like Los Angeles and New York City, Atlanta has a reasonable and cheaper cost of living. The cost of home construction is also cheaper compared to other big US cities.
  • A major reason for Atlanta's position as a top inbound city is the fact that the city appeals to both people and businesses. This unique mix illustrates the city's versatility.
  • While individuals relocate in search of a certain lifestyle, companies of all sizes move to Atlanta in search of a specific business climate that is instrumental to their success.
  • Additional details, including statistics, regarding the reasons why people are relocating to Atlanta, can be found here.