Research Proposal

Pet Food: Changes


To obtain a list of the top 10 reasons why pet owners may change pet food.

Early Findings

Reasons Pet Owners Change Food

  • The pet has grown. In the case of a dog, when it is no longer a puppy, its dietary needs change. There are more calories in puppy food as it is still growing. This food varies in terms of protein, fat, vitamin, and mineral levels to cater to the dog's growth needs.
  • The pet has been spayed or neutered. Most dogs put on weight after this procedure if they are kept on a puppy diet. There is no need to adjust meals for growth.
  • The pet is old. When a dog reaches its middle or early senior years, it is highly recommended that pet owners change the diet. It is not enough to purchase food that is branded for senior dogs as this is primarily a marketing venture. It is important that one seeks advice from a vet as the needs may differ from one breed to the next.
  • There is a need to lose or gain weight. If a pet is either of the two, it is important to switch the food so that the pet can get the nutrients required but be on a diet that requires it to adjust weight.
  • The pet has a food allergy. Although these are rare, one will need to change their pet's diet if any of the symptoms show A dog may be allergic to food or even an environment. It is important that one looks out for any of these symptoms in order to intervene: "Chronic itching and skin infections, sometimes in combination with vomiting or diarrhea."
  • There is a change in activity level. Sometimes, pets may encounter seasonal shifts where they drastically change their level of activity. One such example is the transition from winter to spring. This drastic change in temperature can affect the dog's activity level. The diet provided should be aimed at restoration.
  • The pet is ill. If the pet has any disease, it is important that the diet provided speeds recovery. Diet can also be used in a medicinal and preventive way. It prevents the pet's disease from progressing and it can fight the current symptoms.
  • The owner is proactive. By being more informed, pet owners can identify the ideal diet for their pet and change it to meet their nutritional and growth needs.

Summary of our Early Findings

  • Our initial research was able to provide eight reasons why pet owners (in this case, dogs) change the pet's diet. Our research was unable to identify overall information for all pets and only provided for dogs. From our analysis, we can safely assume that some of these insights could apply to other pets as well.
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