Research Proposal

Ball Corporation


To provide full company profile of Ball Corporation, assessment of how manufacturing/industrial organizations are reaching plant employees effectively (new and different) and assessment of how global organizations are reaching non-English speaking employees effectively (new and different).

Early Findings

Company Profile

  • Founded in 1880, Ball Corporation manufactures and supplies metal packaging that is used to contain beverages, foods, and various household products, as well as aerospace and various technologies and services.
  • The company employs over 18,300 people around the world and supplies to commercial and government customers.
  • Ball Corporation stock is traded under the symbol BLL on the New York Stock Exchange.

Manufacturers and Plant Employees

  • Successful manufacturing/industrial organizations apply various methods to reach their plant employees effectively. These methods include investing in up-to-date communication methods and employees training, among others .

Incorporating Bottom-Up Communication

  • Bottom-up communication has proven to be an effective way to improve internal communication between management and plant employees in manufacturing organizations.
  • Through this mode of communication, employees feel more confident to share their ideas, as it gives them a sense of belonging.

Employee Training

  • By investing in employee training, manufacturing companies can ensure that their plant employees are well-equipped to safely handle equipment and apply technology to yield effective results.
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