Research Outline

U.S. Multi-Disciplinary Production Companies


The goal of this research is find seven to 10 additional multidisciplinary production houses that specialize in two or more of the requested areas. This information will be used to evaluate multi-disciplinary production companies' existing models in terms of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats for the purpose of developing a new multi-disciplinary production company.

Early Findings

Charlie Co.

  • Charlie Co. is a multidisciplinary production company that specializes in at least two of the requested areas (web video and mobile apps). The company also works in the areas of TV, print, and social media/digital.
  • We determined that the company creates products or experiences independently based on the following statement on the company's website: "We thrive on the creative challenges you bring us, and the ones we pose to each other."
  • The company's estimated, annual revenue is $4.4 million.