Research Outline

Indie Artist Platforms


To obtain a list of music mix shows or podcasts that promote indie artists in order to give them extra platforms to promote themselves.

Early Findings

Indie 102.3

  • Indie 102.3 is a public radio station broadcasting in the Denver, Colorado metropolitan area. The station features several shows throughout the day that focus solely on indie music.
  • The New Music Show airs on Tuesday nights at 9pm and features new music including indie, hip hop, R&B and more.
  • Indie Especial airs on Wednesday nights at 9pm and features indie music with a Latin flair.
  • The Local 303 airs on Thursday nights at 8pm. It features indie music from local Denver artists.
  • Passport Approved airs on Saturday nights at 10pm and features indie music from around the world.

Noise Pop

  • Noise Pop is an organization based in San Francisco, California that supports and promotes indie music through special events, podcasts, YouTube videos and more.
  • Noise Pop sponsors indie music events across the Bay area.
  • The Noise Pop monthly podcast showcases indie music and features interviews with local artists.
  • Their YouTube channel features videos of events, interviews with indie artists, and music videos.

KUCI 88.9

  • KUCI 88.9 is a non-profit radio station broadcasting from the University of California in Irvine.
  • The radio station has several shows that feature indie artists including Sonic Roulette Radio, The Satin Underground, and Art 'n Beats.

The Bay Bridged

  • The Bay Bridged is a non-profit organization located in the San Francisco, California Bay Area. It supports and promotes indie artists, primarily from California, through its blog, podcasts, and sponsored events.
  • The Live This Month podcast is released monthly and features artists that will be performing in the Bay area during the month.
  • The Bay Bridged blog features news on up and coming artists, artist spotlights, and upcoming events.