Indie Artist Platforms


To obtain a list of music mix shows or podcasts that promote indie artists in order to give them extra platforms to promote themselves.

Early Findings

Indie 102.3

  • Indie 102.3 is a public radio station broadcasting in the Denver, Colorado metropolitan area. The station features several shows throughout the day that focus solely on indie music.
  • The New Music Show airs on Tuesday nights at 9pm and features new music including indie, hip hop, R&B and more.
  • Indie Especial airs on Wednesday nights at 9pm and features indie music with a Latin flair.
  • The Local 303 airs on Thursday nights at 8pm. It features indie music from local Denver artists.
  • Passport Approved airs on Saturday nights at 10pm and features indie music from around the world.

Noise Pop

  • Noise Pop is an organization based in San Francisco, California that supports and promotes indie music through special events, podcasts, YouTube videos and more.
  • Noise Pop sponsors indie music events across the Bay area.
  • The Noise Pop monthly podcast showcases indie music and features interviews with local artists.
  • Their YouTube channel features videos of events, interviews with indie artists, and music videos.

KUCI 88.9

  • KUCI 88.9 is a non-profit radio station broadcasting from the University of California in Irvine.
  • The radio station has several shows that feature indie artists including Sonic Roulette Radio, The Satin Underground, and Art 'n Beats.

The Bay Bridged

  • The Bay Bridged is a non-profit organization located in the San Francisco, California Bay Area. It supports and promotes indie artists, primarily from California, through its blog, podcasts, and sponsored events.
  • The Live This Month podcast is released monthly and features artists that will be performing in the Bay area during the month.
  • The Bay Bridged blog features news on up and coming artists, artist spotlights, and upcoming events.

Proposed next steps:

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In our initial research, we found that there are several platforms that support and/or promote indie music. We suggest further research to identify 3-4 additional radio stations with an indie music platform. For each station, we will provide an overview of the indie shows broadcast.
We also found that there are several organizations that promote and support indie music through sponsored events, podcasts, and website articles. We suggest further research to identify 2-3 additional organizations like Noise Pop and The Bay Bridged. For each organization, we will provide an overview of their events, podcasts, and articles.
In addition, we found that there are quite a few podcasts that feature indie music and indie artists. We suggest further research to identify 4-5 indie podcasts. For each, we will provide an overview of the podcast including the names of the hosts, examples of show topics, and examples of artists.