Research Outline

MVNO Market Size


To understand the market size for mobile virtual network operators (MVNO) worldwide. This is in terms of total number of MVNOs, total number of users and average number of phones (accounts) each MVNO has, on average.

Early Findings

  • Telecompaper, an industry publication, claims to have a list of worldwide MVNOs as of 2016.
  • Grandview Research has found that the MVNO market will be worth alost $95 billion by 2025, but the free sample of their research does not contain the number of networks or users.
  • In 2018, there were reportedly 1,300 MVNOs operating worldwide, accounting for around 220 million connections (expected to reach 260 million by 2022), which is 2.46% of the total 8.9 billion mobile connections worldwide (at time of writing). The USA, Germany, Japan, the UK and Australia have the most number of active MVNOs in their countries.
  • The largest MVNOs by number of connections are Tracfone, Virgin Mobile, Lycamobile, Snail Mobile, Lebara, Poste Mobile and Tesco Mobile, which combined are more than 1/3 of total MVNO connections.
  • A more recent report, from May 2019, using GSMA data, claims there are 1,482 MVNOs worldwide, with 337 million MVNO users.
  • GSMA reports the number of unique mobile connects worldwide is currently 5.1 billion, but this includes all connections, not just MVNOs. GSMA holds the details of every MVNO in the world, available after registration with a business email address.
  • ResearchandMarkets offers a MVNO Directory for purchase, with "760+MVNOs".