Research Outline

Mold Cleaning


To establish scientific methods of cleaning mold on furniture, clothing and other home items.

Early Findings

Upholstered Furniture

  • Upholstered furniture may be complicated to clean as ozone can be difficult to penetrate.
  • Getting rid of the mold spores and fragments that are embedded in upholstered furniture even in their tiniest forms is not easy. Therefore, getting rid of these items altogether may be the only way to ensure that toxic levels are not reactivated or triggered.
  • Many experts suggest discarding all upholstered items and buying new ones as the infested upholstery may continue to be problematic even after cleaning.

Metal or Glass Furniture


  • Seeing that mold loves fabric such as carpet, it is recommended that the carpet is removed entirely from mold-infested areas. Clean the carpet using a vacuum cleaner that has a high-efficiency particulate arrestance (HEPA).
  • Compared to regular vacuum cleaners that deposit back mold spores into the atmosphere after sucking, HEPA vacuum cleaners use a strong motor and fine filter that will ensure thorough cleaning and thorough sucking of mold spores.