Research Outline

Nail Polish Brands for People of Color


To create a list of any nail polish brands that have nude or skin tone collections specifically for people of color, in particular, focusing on smaller, indie brands selling nude polishes for people of color, and are marketing the collection as being for those people of color.

Early Findings

Research findings indicate that not so many brands have nail polish collections specifically targeting people of color; instead, the majority market 'one offs.' Moreover, many brands market nail polishes designed for all skin tones.

Mented Cosmetics

Nails Inc.

Summary of Findings

  • Few brands feature nail polish lines designed for a specific skin type; however, many brands, including leading brands like Essie have diverse nail polish collections for all skin types and not just one skin type.
  • Initial research has found out that major brands in the nail polish business like Essie feature 'one offs' nail polishes targeting people of color and not collections. Its nail polishes lines such as the "summer 2020 collection, let it ripple collection, roll with it! collection, expressie speed of life collection, among others are limited edition collections marketed for all skin types.
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