Best Practices: Company Naming


Determine best practices when naming a management consulting business. The information will be used to name a management consulting company.

Early Findings

Best Practices in Naming a Company

  • Based on the advise of a creative firm, consulting companies who are thinking of naming their businesses should determine first the category that they are playing in, their business vision, and their mission.
  • The company also recommended that consulting firms should select a name that is "easy to understand" and not too much focused on geographical references.
  • It is also recommended selecting a name that allows for "twist and creativity."
  • The creative firm also suggested choosing a name that does not go far from its brand positioning.
  • Some of the suggested consulting business name suggestions include the "Smith Consulting Group, Syntax Consulting, SliverFox Management, Ltd., FastForward Marketing Consultants, and Primo Solutions."
  • There is also an online consulting firm name generator tool available.
  • Based on the recommendation from that site, the name should be "fresh, searchable, and memorable."

Similar Companies as Al Capital Advisors

  • Some of the companies that are similar to the services that Al Capital Advisors provide include InterCapital Group and Business Vision Advisory.
  • However, there were no information available on how they named their companies.

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