Kids 4 Coding Company Analysis


To provide a background research on Kids 4 Coding, including the company's estimated revenue, funding, target customers, go to market / sales strategy, product overview and purpose of the product.

Early Findings

Company Overview


  • According to a company analysis by RocketReach, Kids 4 Coding has an estimated revenue of $2.80 million.

Target Audience

  • Kids 4 Coding is targeting students between the age of 7 and 16 in the U.S states of Georgia and Massachusetts.

Product Overview

Purpose of the Product

  • Kids 4 Coding propels kids to "tech Readiness through innovative, hands-on projects and challenges. Students gain an edge in STEM by learning to create and code games, mobile apps, electronics, websites, robots, drones, and more using top programming languages like Python and JavaScript."

Strategic Partners

  • Kids 4 Coding strategic partners include Prototype Prime, WIT, Computer Museum of America, Tech Alpharetta, and TAG.

Research proposal:

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