Supply chain metrics for Chemical Industries


To better understand the supply chain performance of chemical industries using Gartner Hierarchy of supply chain metrics.

Early Findings

  • The Gartner Hierarchy of supply chain metrics has been considered as the industry standard for end-to-end supply chain performance assessment. The tool comprises of 17 metrics that account for the inter-dependencies between metrics to estimate improvement opportunities and make better trade-offs. The hierarchy is broadly based on 7 core process areas such as Order to Delivery, Perfect Order, Inventory Management, Source and Make, Demand Planning, New Product Introduction, Supply Chain Costs.
  • Based on preliminary research, it is difficult to search for all Gartner metrics for chemical industry. Though it seems possible that Gartner members can access the supply chain sheet online.
  • Alternatively, the research can be directed towards top chemical industries as listed by wikipedia in 2018. Search for each Gartner metric for each chemical company and enter onto excel spreadsheet. In a tabular format, list the companies in the first column, followed by each metric's respective median average and upper/lower quartiles.

Proposed next steps:

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