Research Outline

B2C Marketing Funnels


Inform marketing by providing examples for online B2C marketing funnel examples that begin with gaining a prospect and end with a sale. An ideal response would include schematics that show the flow of each funnel.

Early Findings

  • One schematic of a B2C funnel is the TOFU-MOFU-BOFU, shown here. This covers awareness, consideration, activation loyalty and advocacy. A more detailed example of this funnel, including potential marketing and sales techniques to be used per area, can be found here.
  • Another example is the non-linear B2C marketing funnel, made by McKinsey. The framework can be viewed here.
  • A model designed specifically for a looping buyer's journey, as is common online, is by Avinash Kaushik and is called the See-Think-Do-Care model.
  • The marketing lifecycle framework also challenges the traditional marketing funnel in order to make space for the more fluid online world. It can be viewed here.
  • Bristol Strategy has set the traditional B2C sales funnel against KPIs to help guide a digital marketing strategy. It can be viewed here.