Target Companies: Telecom, Manufacturing, Financial Services


The goal is to find 30 companies in each of the requested verticals of telecommunications, manufacturing, and financial services. For each, the goal is to find the answer to the three given questions, as well as a qualifying high-level contact person.

Early Findings


  • According to Investopedia, the world's top telecommunications companies include China Mobile, Verizon, and AT&T.
  • China Mobile's 2018 revenue was over $111 billion.
  • China Mobile launched an MVNO service in the UK in 2017 called CMLink. They also offer their own Wi-Fi service and operate their own network.

Financial Services

  • The top financial service companies in the world include JP Morgan & Chase, Visa, and Bank of America.
  • JP Morgan & Chase's 2018 revenue was over $131 billion.
  • JP Morgan & Chase does have Non-Performing Loans.
  • While we could not verify for sure, the fact that JP Morgan & Chase has listed counterparty risk job positions, we can assume they have this group.
  • Also due to a job posting, it appears that JP Morgan & Chase does have a dedicated head of securitized products.


  • The top manufacturing companies in the world include Samsung, Schneider Electric, and Citic.
  • Samsung's 2018 revenue was over $224 billion.
  • Samsung does not have a global head of supply chain, but instead has regional heads and Vice Presidents, such as Tim Sheppard, who is the VP of supply chain in America.
  • Samsung does have multiple ERPs.
  • Samsung operates its own manufacturing plants in locations such as Austin, Texas and Onyang, South Korea.

Proposed next steps:

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