Asia Pacific Healthcare & Insurance Startups


Provide case studies of start-ups in the health care and insurance space in the Asia Pacific region, including data on founding, location, funding, and overall business description and approach (10 healthcare startups and 10 insurance startups)

Early Findings

Asia’s insurtech space is noted to be dominated by a few key players, which are owned by dominant large insurance groups or tech groups, but that a few startups have recently entered the space.

CareVoice is a health insurance software startup that recently raised $10 million in funding.

DocDoc is another startup that offers a network of providers, physicians, and hospitals for patients to search, and is connected with the Asian health insurance network.
Cover Go is a Hong Kong based startup that consolidates and analyzes insurance policies to help users manage and improve their insurance experience as well as share information with insurance advisers.

MicroUmbrella is based in Singapore, and offers insurance buying, managing, and claim services on demand, and also offers micro-insurance policies to users.

Stash is another Singaporean health insurance startup that allows patients and providers to analyze insurance data, process claims, and reduce administrative costs.

Tymbals is based in Australia, and offers a network that allows users to calculate insurance risks on an enterprise level, in order to best manage overall insurance expenses.

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