ScootPad and ACT - Company and Product Profiles


To provide a company profile for Scootpad and for the non-profit organization, ACT, including for both the year founded, HQ, founders, investments, notable investors, number of employees, revenues, notable news since founding (focus on last 3 years), and products offered, etc. In addition, to provide a product profile for Scootpad including description, target ages, topics covered, value proposition, difference between consumer product and K-12 product, screenshots and demos, user reviews, professional organizations (e.g., Edsurge) reviews, number of users, notable districts the product is used in. This information will be used for launching a supplemental math product in the K-12 market.

Early Findings



Summary of Findings

  • In the initial hour, we were able to provide a company profile for ScootPad.
  • We have also set up this Google Slides presentation to provide the company and product profiles, screenshots, and reviews in one place.

Proposed next steps:

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