Research Outline

Company Overview - B&G Foods


To have a broad understanding of B&G Foods. An ideal response would be an overview of the company that would include a description of what it does, how it makes money, what it owns, what makes it unique among its competitors, as well as financial data that should include dividend (rate/yield/history/growth/safety), revenue, income, book value, P/S (price to sales), P/E (price earnings ratio), and if applicable their AFFO (adjusted funds from operations), expense ratio, and margins. It should also include information on the management (senior leadership) of the company, as well as any possible risks they might be facing.

Early Findings

Overview of the Company

  • B&G Foods and its subsidiaries manufacture sell and distribute a diversified portfolio of high-quality, shelf-stable foods across the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico. B&G Foods’ products include hot cereals, jams, jellies and fruit spreads, canned meats and beans, spices, seasonings, marinades, hot sauces, wine vinegar, maple syrup, molasses, salad dressings, Mexican-style sauces, taco shells and kits, salsas, pickles and peppers and other specialty food products.
  • B&G Foods competes in the retail grocery, food service, specialty store, private label, club and mass merchandiser channels of distribution.
  • Based in Parsippany, New Jersey, B&G Foods’ products are marketed under many recognized brands, including Ac’cent, B&G, B&M, Brer Rabbit, Cream of Rice, Cream of Wheat, Emeril’s, Grandma’s Molasses, Joan of Arc, Las Palmas, Maple Grove Farms of Vermont, Ortega, Polaner, Red Devil, Regina, San Del, Sa-són Ac’cent, Trappey’s, Underwood, Vermont Maid and Wright’s.

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Senior Leadership

  • David L. Wenner is currently serving as the interim President and Chief Executive Officer and Director. He was appointed to that position on November 15, 2020 and has been a director since August 1997.
  • Erich Fritz is Executive Vice President and Chief Supply Chain Officer.
  • Jordan Greenberg is Executive Vice President and Chief Commercial Officer.
  • Eric Hart is Executive Vice President of Human Resources and Chief Human Resources Officer of B&G Foods.
  • Scott Lerner is Executive Vice President, General Counsel, Secretary and Chief Compliance Officer.
  • Ellen Schum is Executive Vice President and Chief Customer Officer.
  • Bruce Wacha is Executive Vice President of Finance and Chief Financial Officer.

Summary Of Our Early Findings Relevant To The Goals

  • Our initial hour of research was spent scanning to ensure that there were publicly available recent sources to answer all the research questions, As B&G Foods is a public company, we are confident that the questions can be answered with some exceptions which are in the financial section. We have determined that price to sales, their AFFO, and expense ratio appears not to be available by leveraging any credible and reliable source. If this changes during continued research, we will include it, but for now we are not recommending further research for those data points.
  • Our initial hour of research was also spent providing some relevant and salient data points that sets the table for future research. As we only have one hour for preliminary results, we chose to provide several data points on several aspects of the research questions to provide the most value for the entire project.
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