Food Tech Company Analyses: Europe


To analyze food tech companies in the European market and build a google spreadsheet with relevant data pertaining to the following companies: FlipDish, OrderYoYo, Touch2Success, GloriaFood and Preoday.

Early Findings

  • Google spreadsheet created with relevant data points to cover for each of the food tech companies requested.
  • With a branded website and app, powered by Flipdish, restaurant owners accept online orders without having to list on aggregator platforms, at a lower cost and with more control over the customer experience.
  • Total Funding: FlipDish $7.5 million, OrderYoYo $8.2 million,
  • OrderYoYo was found in 2013 as an online restaurant ordering system based on android and iOS applications, delivering customized websites or plug-ins to existing websites and apps for restaurants, enabling users to place food and beverages orders from various takeaways and restaurants. Annual revenue at $
  • Touch2Success was founded in 2008 in the UK offering EPOS and Online Ordering Systems providing takeaways and restaurants with revolutionary solutions to ease their workload. They currently have 270 employees with estimated revenue/employee at $145,00 annually. Website traffic and growth ranking listed via crunchbase.
  • GloriaFood is a platform that enables restaurant owners to cash-in by enhancing their online presence, even on mobile devices. The company currently has 29 employees with $48K in annual revenue.
  • Preoday, founded in 2012 in Cambridgeshire, GB, has reached $2.3 million in funding rounds with $20 million in revenue. It is a robust digital ordering platform helping restaurants open new revenue streams and improve relationships with customers.

Proposed next steps:

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