Research Outline

OnDoc and Agile Health Competitive Analysis


To perform a competitive analysis of OnDoc and Agile Health, including an overview of each company, product offerings, benefits, strengths, weaknesses, number of customers (if available), and revenue, and pricing.

Early Findings

Initial research indicates that some information on the two competitors is publicly available; however, more detailed information on company strengths and weaknesses is not readily available in public. Equally, the pricing information for Agile Health is not available in the public domain. In this regard, analyses of each company online reviews would likely provide more relevant information on their strengths and weaknesses, while information on Agile Health pricing is available by contacting the company.

OnDoc Company Overview

Agile Health Company Overview

Summary of Findings

  • Within the first hour, we have provided an overview of each competitor, including their founding year, headquarters, the estimated number of employees, ownership, specialties offered, and what it does.
  • To complete the competitive analysis of OnDoc and Agile Health’s remaining seven data points, we recommend additional research. We will provide the findings in a Google Spreadsheet for better comparison.
  • Details of our proposed next research paths are included in our proposals below. Please select one or more proposals from those provided.