Vancouver, WA Tourism


In order to assist in a marketing proposal, provide an in-depth report on tourism in Vancouver, WA including major attractions, demographics of tourists, and trends surrounding tourism to this area.

Early Findings

Tourism has a large impact on the economy of Vancouver, WA, including contributing $509 million to the local economy and creating $137 million in job earnings.

Top Attractions

Some top attractions, based on number of Trip Advisor reviews, include;


  • While no demographic analysis specific to Vancouver was found, from a demographic analysis of tourism to the entire state of Washington it was reported that most tourists are 24-34 or 55-75 years old, traveling with others (potentially with children), with household income of $55,000-$100,000, and spending less than $2,000 on the trip.


  • Clark County, the county in which Vancouver is located, saw an 8.5% increase in tourism spending in 2017, a trend which is predicted to continue with new hotel and development projects still occurring in the area.
  • From 2018-2023, Visit Vancouver, a tourism promotion non-profit for the city, predicts that there will be a 32% growth in the number of hotel rooms in the city.

Research proposal:

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