Petro-Canada Lubricant's Food-Grade Competitive Analysis


To determine the competitive advantage and market positioning of Petro-Canada Lubricant's food-grade (brand: PURITY) competitors, so as to inform PURITY's 2020 marketing position. Ideally, the overall information will be sorted into key analysis 'buckets' relative to USP, competitive advantage, current marketing copy/creative ads, where their media is placed, tradeshows/events in which they participate, and the whitespace they are trying to own.

Early Findings

Our initial research indicates that the USP/competitive advantage of each PURITY competitor is readily available through the company or brand website, and/or product catalogs. Research for publication of companies' participation in tradeshows did not generate any preliminary results, although it's possible that a detailed search specific to tradeshow publications may generate some results. Similarly, research for current marketing materials/copy in both text and image search indicates that this information is relatively scanty, and what information is available is outdated.


  • Cibus (Exxon Mobile) appears to focus on developing crop platforms with specific, desired traits. Genetic editing is its primary innovation tool. Our research did not find any indication that Cibus participates directly in the food-grade oil and lubricants sector.


  • Nevastane offers 36 products specific to the food processing sector, for a variety of systems, applications, temperatures and pressure loads. Its USP centers around specificity of the products for these various applications: "Our products are specially formulated for your application."
  • Nevastane offers products specific for the production process of six different segments: baking, beverage, cocoa, feed, meet and poultry processing, and produce. The company touts its history (the Nevastane line was created in 1925, in conjunction with the FDA) as an indicator of its expertise.


  • Cassida's USP is its high level of certification: in addition to being NSF registered and ISO-certified, its products are also Kosher and Halal certified. Fuch positions its food-grade lubricant product line as the 'most comprehensive' in the industry.


  • Kluberfoods positioning relative to its product is fairly nondescript: the brand highlights its 80 years in the field and the fact that its products help customers meet food regulations standards. Its USP appears to focus more on its personalized advice/service to the consumer.

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