Research Outline

Brazilian Music Industry: Overview


Provide an overview of the Brazilian music industry (including market share, active users, players in the market, opportunity in the recording and publishing space, rate of growth, popular artists and songs, and key trends) to assist with a presentation.

Early Findings

Background: Demand for Latin American Music

Brazil's Music Industry

Top Artists: Marisa Monte

  • Marisa Monte is one of the most successful female artists from Brazil. Her career took off in earnest in 1989 with her first album, described as an "eclectic array of songs, past and present".
  • Marisa Monte has won "four Latin Grammys, seven Brazilian MTV Video Music Awards, nine Multishow Música Brasileira awards, five APCAs, and six TIM Música Awards".
  • Marisa Monte signed an exclusive, global administration deal with Universal Music Publishing Group in 2020.

Players in the Market

Summary of Early Findings in Relation to Goals

Brazil's music industry is clearly in the midst of a boom as a result of digital streaming. The first hour of research involving outlining the project to determine if the requested data points are available. The research team found several related data points (some of which were provided above) and can continue to research along these lines as requested to provide data specific to Brazil. Wherever possible, visual or graphical aids will be included to help illustrate the rise in Brazilian music's popularity around the globe.