Research Outline

Importance of Employees Embracing Change


To identify and understand how managing and effectively tackling changes by the employees positively affect the organization.

Early Findings

  • "Soft side" of any change is about managing the people side of a change and it focuses on how to help employees embrace, adopt and utilize a change in their day-to-day work. Employees and leaders embracing the changes in the organization increases the likelihood of success for the change.
  • Strong correlation between the success of a change initiative and how well the employees accept those changes.
  • Leadership transitions and restructurings, to mergers and acquisitions, organizational changes are a big part of corporate life for employees around the world. It is important for the management to explain the change and the need for it to its employees and also a clear view of the path ahead.
  • Proactive management of change is required to optimize future adaptability and is a better and creative way of dealing with the dynamism of industrial transformation.