Research Proposal

Best Practice Metrics


To identify a set of best-practice metrics in firms, with a particular interest in creative firms and strategy consultancy firms, and what ideal methods to stay afloat in their respective sectors.

Early Findings

Creative firms


Research and Insight
  • In the creativity business, research and insight are an important element and Gensler uses this approach as one of the most ideal best-practice metrics. By looking at design as a strategy in action, the firm can focus on giving their clientele the ideal results, in addition to helping clients envision a better future.

Strategy Consultancy Firms

McKinsey & Company

Fundamental Thinking
  • A company’s fundamental thinking, in addition to returns on capital, can determine its future potential. Fundamental thinking is one of McKinsey & Company’s best practice metrics as it unearths various core elements that help transform a middling approach and make it worthy customer experience.
Customer Feedback
  • Addressing customer feedback is an ideal practice metric at McKinsey & Company, which seeks to weigh customer experience, invest in hardwired technology that can competitively harvest customer’s feedback every day using various channels, in addition to integrating survey results, and social media posts.
  • By prioritizing these elements, McKinsey & Company is in a better position to turn operational data or feedback from their customers into comprehensive and useful information.
Narrowing the Gap between Organization and Customer
  • After processing customer feedback, McKinsey & Company uses proactive mechanisms to narrow the gap between frontline workers and feedback from their customers, by cultivating a continuous improvement mind-set through all levels.
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