Clean/Green Skincare Consumers


To find demographics and psychographics of people who purchase and use clean/green skincare.

Early Findings

  • One poll found that 59% of women under 35 felt that green skincare was important, and 73% of all millennial women actively seek out more natural products.
  • Even older women are interested in what goes on their skin. 55% of women over 35 read the ingredients on their skincare before purchasing.
  • In another survey, 67% of women aged 18-29 prefer to purchase natural or organic skin care products. 59% of women aged 30-59 prefer to, and 43% of women over 60 said the same.
  • Reportedly, over 80% of Generation Z consumers purchase organic or natural skin care products. 70% of all US consumers surveyed stated a preference for more "natural" skin care.
  • Around 25% of consumers stated a preference for their skincare brand to be eco-friendly, reflecting environmental/ethical values among skincare consumers.
  • Top priorities for Gen Zers in products include, "products to be made from botanically derived ingredients that are water efficient, and they prefer companies that can make honest “free from” claims."
  • Baby boomers have strong brand loyalty when it comes to beauty products, which can make it difficult for newer brands (like natural/organic brands) to gain this demographic's interest.
  • The value those aged 55+ indicated was most important to them was quality of ingredients. This was the top value for all age groups, actually. This older group wants detailed and transparent labeling of their products, most of all.
  • Millennials are the generation most likely to pay more for natural beauty products.

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