Research Outline

Digital Technology and Medical Imaging/Radiology


In order to inform an initial business meeting with a client, identify ways in which digital products and technologies are being used in and supporting best practices in the fields of medical imaging and radiology.

Early Findings

Digital Technologies

  • AI is being used in medical imaging to detect things that are not visible to the naked eye. The new use of AI technology combined with medical imaging in the fields of neuroradiology, musculoskeletal, cardiovascular, breast, urogenital, lung/thorax, and abdomen imaging is transforming the field into a completely objective one, with minimal human skill needed to read the images. It is also drastically increasing the amount of medical literature available for each of these areas.
  • Additionally, AI is being used in conjunction with medical imaging to identify best guidelines for recommendations after the image has been read.
  • AI is also being used for "equipment maintenance predictions."

Digital Devices

  • Digital devices like smartphones and tablets are being used in radiology through medical imaging apps that allow the image to be seen in great detail on these portable devices.
  • Cloud technology is also being utilized to store and retrieve medical images, which doctors can then view on mobile device apps.