Non-Traditional Product Videos


Identify 5 examples of product videos that do not use traditional formatting in the app space. Traditional formatting is defined as presenting the product and listing all of the features in order.

Early Findings


  • The mobile Minecraft product video is non-traditional in the sense that it does not list any of the new features in order.
  • Instead, the ad features a dance party through the village, during the party the ad focuses on showing examples of new types of villagers that they have included in the new update.
  • The ad ends with a pillager, which is a new character that came with the update, attacking the town and the "player" defeating him and getting loot.

Fifty Three

  • Fifty Three uses unique shooting styles and music to show their product off. The ad features a pencil shaped stylus that has several functions.
  • The product video moves with the stylus and to the beat of the music as people use the stylus to draw, design, and take notes.
  • The only words in the ad are text in the last few seconds that says "Think With Your Hands."


  • Panorama9's product video takes a whole new view on advertising a normally simplistic topic, remote management.
  • The company presents their video in the form of an 80s style 8-bit video game with a "hero" character, IT-man, and a bold narration.
  • The video walks through the features of the app by showing it as a game play through, lists perks of using the app, and describes the processes that the app goes through.

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