UK Auto Loan Delinquency Rates


Identify 30 and 90 day delinquency rates for auto loans in the United Kingdom (specifically, the percentage of the outstanding balance that is 30 days delinquent and 90 days delinquent), in order to create an estimation of how much of the total delinquent balances can be recovered by debt collection services. These auto loans should be to individuals, not businesses.

Early Findings

Delinquency Rates

  • The Peugeot loans book reported that the delinquency rate for car loans was 0.08% in 2017.
  • Standard & Poor's reported in February 2017 that impairments on car loans in the UK & Europe were running at 0.2% of outstanding loans.
  • The British market shows no immediate signs of stress, as auto loan delinquencies have not increased.

Potential Sources

  • The following organizations may provide more information about UK auto loan delinquency rates:

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