Research Outline

Personalized Online Physiotherapy Market


Obtain information on competitors (startups or other platforms)that are providing personalized online physiotherapy. Determine also the technology that they are using such as computer vision and artificial intelligence. Determine also how successful they are from the user aspect. Obtain information also from the physiotherapists' perspective with regard to the problems that people are facing in order for them to acquire more clients and track their patients' progress. Determine also the need for physiotherapy in terms of the market size and to what extent it can help prevent injuries and improve life quality. Determine also the age and demographics of those who need the services of physiotherapists.

Early Findings

Personalized Online Physiotherapy Competitor

  • Kiio is a startup that is providing a digital platform to help patients access virtual physical therapy services.
  • The startup recently deployed a three-year project with the U.S. Department of Defense that will enable the company to implement a rapid and affordable protocol to “inform treatment, determine work-readiness, and predict injury.”

Physiotherapy Market Insights

  • The global physiotherapy services market size is expected to be worth $165.73 billion by 2023 at a CAGR of 5.34%.
  • Pugging in the given values above to the present value formula (
  • Present Value= Future Value/(1+r)^n) to extrapolate, the market size for 2020 was calculated to be $165.73/[(0.0534+1)^3] = $141.78 billion.
  • Increasing cases of road accidents and injuries are expected to drive the demand for physiotherapy equipment.
  • Based on a market research, the physiotherapy services market is seen to grow due to the increasing number of elderly people around the world.
  • Senior citizens typically have to endure bodily discomfort from diseases such as arthritis, cardiovascular diseases, and chrinic pain. Given this, they contribute to the increasing demand for physiotherapy services to provide some pain relief.
Summary of Findings
Our one hour of research provided a competitor, the global market size, and the typical customers of the physiotherapy services market.