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A list of a few small, slim style black or grey backpacks, with just a few outside pockets and orange accent - that can be embroidered (not screen print).

Early Findings

  • Although this is listed as a children's backpack on Amazon, it is a slim grey-black black with just one zip at the front, an orange zip. It costs $15.99.
  • This black and orange black is a lightweight water repellent slim-style bag that costs $26.99.
  • This black bag with a touch of orange costs about $18.32.
  • This Champion gray backpack with an orange accent costs $41.85.
  • This slim Grey and orange backpack costs $49.99. It has a front zip, a middle zip, and a large zip.
  • This Adidas black and orange backpack costs $46.98 and has just one zip in the front.

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