Research Outline

White Label Teleconferencing Software


The research aims to identify a list of white label software or service that has the features of teleconferencing or unified communications. These software products are ideally suitable for telemedicine or telehealth solutions and could be integrated with other SaaS-based platforms.

Early Findings

  • When it comes to medical and healthcare information, regulatory compliance, such as HIPPA, is a critical consideration regarding the security of data and the reliability of telecom networks. Moreover, features customized for communications between doctors and patients are also essential, for example, electronic prescription, appointment scheduling, patient health records, and medicine reminders, among others.
  • According to MediSprout, some of the essential software features for telemedicine or health solutions are "flexible scheduling options, group and family visits, cost per visit, and face-to-face care."
  • After reviewing a series of white label teleconferencing software products, they primarily fall under three groups, namely software specifically used for telemedicine or telehealth purposes, software used for a variety of solutions including healthcare and medicine applications, and software that are generic teleconferencing solutions.