Expedited Building Permits


Identify at least 20 jurisdictions in the continental US with exceptionally fast turnaround times for building permits for single-family residential homes.

Early Findings

  • The city of Oakland, California offers expedited approval on a case-by-case basis. According to the city website, "For rushed projects, an expedited plan review could be requested on overtime basis." Even when a project is not expedited, the city strives to issue most permits over-the-counter in a single visit.
  • The city of Los Angeles, California offers express, online permits for qualified applicants. More details on the conditions for this qualification can be found in this document.
  • The city of Las Vegas, Nevada offers express plan review and permitting for buildings. This process requires a $550 administrative fee and $660 per hour in addition to the normal hourly fee for plan review.
  • The city of Austin, Texas offers an expedited building plan review program for qualified projects. This program requires payment of additional fees; a full fee schedule is available here.

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