Bush's Beans Public Content


To obtain an overview of the publicly available branded content from Bush's Beans.

Early Findings

Bush Bean Website

  • Branded content on the Bush Bean website includes product overviews, recipe suggestions, and sports sponsorships.
  • The product overview page is called A Feast of Flavors and includes a desription of each group of available beans.
  • The recipe page contains recipes collections, favorites, gameday recipes, family recipes, and quick/easy recipes using Bush's Beans.
  • The sports sponsorship page discusses Bush's NASCAR sponorship and introduces this year's drivers.


  • Bush has published 17 videos on YouTube in the last 18 months.
  • Each of the videos features a recipe using one of Bush's bean varieties.


  • Bush is active on Facebook and posts content weekly on average.
  • Content mainly features events attended by Duke the dog and recipes.


Examples of content from each of the above has been entered into the attached spreadsheet. Due to the abundance of published content, we have created a tab for each channel.

Proposed next steps:

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