Cisco's Digital Signage Solution


Determine information on Cisco's digital signage solution. The information will be used to build a competitive analysis of the digital signage market.

Early Findings

Cisco's Digital Signage Solution
  • Cisco enables the delivery of business messages and updates through its cost-effective digital signage solution.
  • The solution features a "dynamic communication medium" for communicating to employees and decreasing the usage of outdated printed materials.
  • The content of digital signages can also be centralized and standardized.
  • This can ensure more "consistent and appropriate" messages.
  • Cisco's "networked digital signage solution" is also more flexible, scalable, andd more cost-effective.
  • Cisco Digital Media Player 4310G - digital signage player is priced at $1,378.99.

Proposed next steps:

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Our initial research provided overview on the list of features of Cisco's digital signage solution. However, some data points such as pricing models and exact prices were not fully available and will require contacting the vendor to get the correct price. This might be due to the customizations needed for some solutions. Given that there are available resources on this, we propose continuing with the research to provide additional features and solutions that are included in Cisco's digital signage platform. We will provide an overview of the features and solutions that are included in the platform. We will also provide any available pricing model and exact prices if available. We will check comparison review sites also to determine any available pricing data on the platform's features. For those prices that are not available, we will provide a contact form for sending pricing inquiries.
We also recommend undertaking additional research to also provide 4-6 true competitors of similar size and comparable revenue in that provide digital signage solutions. We will determine the top based on revenue or other comparable metrics. For each competitor, we will provide the name, the website link, why it is a competitor and the company's value proposition. We will also deliver a competitive landscape of the identified key players. For each company, we will provide a 1-2 sentence company overview, list of product or service offerings, competitive advantage, and target market.
We also recommend proceeding with the research to provide (1)the market size and (2) the market growth of the digital signage market.