Research Outline



To find information about an app known as MileIQ. This would include downloads, revenue, demographics, competitive analysis, and other data in order to provide a competitive analysis and to inform long term business decisions.

Early Findings

  • MileIQ was downloaded around 30,000 times on the iOS platform in February 2020.
  • MileIQ has over 1 million total downloads on the Android platform and it was downloaded around 30,000 times in February 2020.
  • SDKs used in the MileIQ app include AHKNavigationController, React Native, DateTools, OCMock, and UICKeyChainStore.
  • The revenue of MileIQ is $7 million (US revenue is not publicly available).
  • MileIQ integrates with several other apps including Xero, FreshBooks, QuickBooks, Quicken, and Okta.


  • MileIQ's Basic package provides 40 free drives and it is free. The Unlimited package costs $5.99 monthly or $59.99 annually.
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