G4S Company Overview


To obtain an overview of the B2B market and the following information on G4S:
  • Organization overview
  • Target audiences
  • Products and services
  • Vertical emphasis
  • Competitors in terms of products/services/verticals

Early Findings

G4S Overview

G4S Services

G4S: Competitors

  • Orion, Whelan Security, and Securitas are considered their main competitors.

Proposed next steps:

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Our initial research was able to provide basic information for G4S. We recommend continued research in providing 3-5 insights into the B2B market. This will entail an overview of the B2B market and how it functions. In our insights, we will also address how G4S is a B2B solution.
Additionally, we will present a detailed company profile for G4S by providing 4-5 insights. These insights will address the target audiences, products and services, and vertical emphasis. We will also provide their annual revenue over the past two years.
We will also provide 3-4 insights into 4-6 of their competitors in terms of products/services/verticals.