Supermarket Market Summary


Provide a brief summary (5-7 bullet points) of the supermarket category for each of the four countries: Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia, and the Republic of Ireland. Summary should focus on providing a contextualized view of the market such as what challenges exist in the market or how the market is structured.

Early Findings

Market information focused on supermarkets is readily available for the Republic of Ireland, but more limited for Hungary, the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

Czech Republic

  • The leading supermarket chains in the Czech Republic are Billa, which is the clear industry leader, and Albert Ceská Republika, which is trailing. Billa is focused on creating their own branded products.
  • Overall, the COVID-19 benefited supermarkets in the Czech Republic as consumer spending in this category continued at pre-pandemic levels. However, supermarkets did struggle to comply with health and safety measures required by the government, such as the need to provide single-use plastic gloves to all customers.
  • One challenge for supermarkets in the Czech Republic is the rise of e-commerce, which was further accelerated by COVID-19.


  • Supermarkets in Hungary are dealing with the strong price-sensitivity of grocery shoppers in the country, leading to "strong price competition leading to lower profit margins." In response to this, "supermarket chains are rationalizing their networks, focusing on locations and outlets with the highest growth potential and less competition, resulting in a decline of total outlets in recent years."
  • The most popular grocery stores in Hungary are "wholly-owned subsidiaries of international chains, such as Auchan, Tesco, Lidl, Aldi, DM, etc."

Republic of Ireland


  • In Slovakia, COVID-19 did not decrease spend on groceries, and increased spend on other product areas in the supermarkets such as clothing, home and garden and appliance.
  • Supermarkets are focused on providing "a better shopping experience, a wider product choice and fast delivery."

Research Summary

  • The initial research focused on assessing information availability in each of the four markets and providing some initial insights. Further research would continue to provide a summary for each market.

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