Research Outline

Community Building for Mom & Baby Brand


Support an attempt to build a community for a mom & baby startup brand, via three case studies (at least one of them of a mom & baby brand) that have successfully done this.

Early Findings


  • Sephora's online communities are called Sephora Beauty Talk .
  • The former is a forum where users can post questions, leave reviews and share ideas. It currently has over 40m members, and at any time has about 40-50,000 members active (at the time of this posting, there were 44,352 users online).
  • The forum provides a way for Sephora's members to serve as free ambassadors for the brand, while letting Sephora figure out early what customers are looking for and any pain points that they should solve.
  • In addition, user accounts on the forum are linked to their social media pages and their Sephora member cards. This gives Sephora huge insight into their users' demographics, likes/dislikes, and habits.


  • Lego's online community is called Lego Ideas.
  • It's a place where users can submit their design ideas, leave feedback, and vote for others'. If Lego decides to produce the set, the creator gets a portion of the sales. The site also runs regular contests to keep users interested.
  • There were 31,445 submissions at the time of this writing. The latest ideas that have achieved support (with more than 10,000 votes) were a set for Vincent Van Gogh's Starry Starry Night and a Schitt's Creek set, meaning Lego will officially review the set for production.
  • This is a great strategy for Lego, not only to keep users engaged but to create sets that have a guaranteed fan base. So far Lego has made 23 sets in the past five years from Lego Ideas' community, and 90% of them sold out.

Johnson's and Johnson's (J&J)

  • This quintessential mom brand built a huge motherhood community at
  • It claims it's the world's "#1 pregnancy and parenting resource". It also claims to have the top app for tracking pregnancy day by day.
  • This site takes a different approach, in the sense that the brand is almost not present. Moms take center stage. However, J&J still counted it as a key resource for the brand. When J&J relaunched their "No More Tears" line, the website (along with the rest of their BabyCenter online parenting community) was considered as THE engine for repositioning. BabyCenter reached 7 out of 10 expecting mothers in 2019. with its full battery of resources for its mom community. Aside from the website, they had newsletters, social media channels and apps.
  • Communities can become a financial asset for brands as well. BabyCenter was sold to Ziff Davis (owners of in 2019 for an undisclosed amount.