Research Outline

Top Remote Patient Monitoring Companies


To identify the top 25 remote patient monitoring (RPM) companies in 2021. For each company, provide the company names, revenue, number of employees, and funding.
  • The client is aware of a few market players but wants to understand the top solution providers in the marketplace.

Early Findings

Data Availability

  • The initial round of research reveals data availability is adequate on this topic.

Top Remote Patient Monitoring Companies




  • Within the first hour of research, we have been able to provide five top remote patient monitoring (RPM) companies. We have provided the list in the attached spreadsheet.
  • Most of the top companies are established medical technology companies that provide RPM products among their other products and services. Therefore, the revenues we have presented for such companies are total company revenues from all their operations.
  • Based on data availability, we anticipate being able to fully address the research question.
  • To identify more RPM companies, we recommend further research. We will provide the deliverable as a spreadsheet for ease of viewing.
  • Details on our recommended research paths have been provided in our proposals below.
  • The research will have a global focus.