AI Marketplaces


To identify AI marketplaces that focus on computer vision and describe their capabilities.

Early Findings

We were able to identify 5 additional AI marketplaces.
  • Akira AI provides an open-source framework marketplace that focuses on text analysis, computer vision, deep learning, and machine learning.
  • Genesis AI has build a marketplace that "connects companies in need of AI services, data, and models with companies interested to monetize their AI tech."
  • Envoy AI's marketplace features an interoperability platform that containerizes, tests, and deploys algorithms. It is specifically aimed to help physicians in the management of their results.
  • BONSEYES' AI marketplace is a "secure collaborative platform for building and trading AI applications". It helps innovators, developers and data scientists solve industry challenges, access AI data, and create or buy apps for different industries.
  • Nuance AI marketplace is specifically focused on helping radiology diagnostics imaging by connecting AI developers and their algorithms to radiologists across 6,500 healthcare facilities.

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