Research Proposal

Carbon Offset Process/Sustainability


To research the carbon offset process by companies. Specific insights include:
1. How consumers can make sustainable purchases more quickly when shopping.
2. How consumers stay motivated to have sustainable lifestyles because of companies' carbon offset or sustainability projects.
3. How consumers can find more transparency in a company's carbon offset project.
4. How companies can show that they are being sustainable to gain a competitive advantage.
5. What companies and consumers care about when dealing with sustainability.
6. Whether companies care about quick-back and diversified offsetting projects.
7. The incentives that work best to make companies become sustainable or adopt carbon offset projects.
8. What is limiting the accessibility to carbon reduction projects.
This research will help with the creation of solutions that can make the offsetting process more efficient.

Early Findings

How Companies Can show That They Are Being Sustainable to Gain A Competitive Advantage

1. Indicating Sustainability Efforts on the Website

  • Since the website is the first impression that most customers have of a company, it can indicate sustainability by stating that the company is green. For example, ESI's landing page shows how the facility saves about 100 tons of carbon dioxide each year with solar panels. They even include a link to the live solar panel data.
  • Apart from adding the green or sustainability content on the website, the initiative also needs to be implemented and related to the company's bottom line. By ensuring that the first thing that customers see when they load the website is sustainability initiatives and real-life initiatives, a company can gain a competitive advantage.

2. Having a Carbon Offsetting Option on the Website

  • This gives the consumers the option of offsetting "the carbon footprint of their consumption." This also indicates that the company is committed to reducing carbon emissions.
  • For example, CarbonClick is a method that can be used by companies on their websites, providing a method for consumers to offset their carbon footprint as they are making an online payment. Customers press a green button and an extra charge is added onto their purchase, compensating for the carbon footprint of the purchase. The consumers are also sent insights surrounding their contribution and their impact.
  • This method can create a competitive advantage for a company because it eliminates the need that customers have to create their own carbon offsetting solutions so that they can focus on other initiatives.

3. Getting Certified as Carbon Neutral

  • Companies can become certified as carbon neutral, benefiting from competitive advantages such as cost reduction, more credibility, and a stronger brand. This is based on the fact that suppliers and customers value CO2 neutrality.
  • For example, getting the CO2- Neutral label can demonstrate that the company is committed to neutralizing its carbon footprint today.

Summary of Early Findings

  • We spent the first hour of research scanning for the requested information to determine whether it is publicly available, which it is.
  • In the early findings, we provided insights surrounding what companies can do to show that they are sustainable for competitive advantage.
  • We could not reach out to current offset companies, experts in the space and large corporations as this is beyond our scope, Instead, we consulted their websites and other online articles that are relevant to these sources.
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