Simulation Software Options


Gain information on various simulation software options, including MATLAB, Simulink, and other similar options, with a focus on use cases and reasons each option is used, statistics on popularity, popularity by industry, and statistics on its current and future growth in use.

Early Findings


  • MATLAB offers solutions for data analytics, wireless communications, deep learning, computer vision, signal processing, quantitative finance, robotics, and control systems.
  • Specific industries that use MATLAB include aerospace, automotive, biological sciences, biotech, pharmaceutical, communication, natural sciences, electronics, energy production, industrial automation, medical devices, mining, neuroscience, finance, railways, and software.
  • Well known organizations using MATLAB include MIT, Delphi Automotive, and ASML.
  • They offer three user options, one for industry use, one for student use, and one for professional use.


Other Simulation Software Options

  • Other popular simulation software options include Anylogic, Simscale, Simul8, Comsol Multiphysics, and Arena.
  • Anylogic gains positive reviews for its ability to integrate with other platforms and to support Discrete Event, Agent Based, and System Dynamics Simulation.
  • Arena by Rockwell Automation offers options focused around modeling and design analysis supporting businesses with 3D and dynamic modeling.

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