Garth Brooks Fans


In order to prepare for a brand activation with Garth Brooks, provide a profile of the fans of Garth Brooks and information on their relationship with him.

Early Findings

  • Garth Brooks fans have been described as "devoted", "passionately loyal" and the "absolute craziest group of fans in country music."
  • Garth Brooks is able to attract both "core country fans" and a newer wave of mass market fans (generally aged 25-to-54).
  • 90% of American's have heard of Garth Brooks, with 55% having a positive opinion of him, 23% having a neutral opinion and 12% having a negative opinion.
  • He is most popular with Baby Boomers, followed by Generation X and then millennials.
  • He is more popular with women than men.
  • Garth Brooks fans also like other country music artists like Tim McGraw, Kenny Chesney, and Reba McEntire. They also like CMT, Burt Reynolds, Tony Danza, and Green Acres.
  • Some fans call themselves "Garthoholics".
  • Garth Brooks fans generally wear "plaid shirts, blue jeans, and camouflage hats" for men and "long sleeves and blue jeans....crop tops and sundresses" for women. Everyone wears cowboy boots.

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