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Stem Cell & Gene Therapies


A list of links to articles, reports and white papers that are relevant for stem cell and gene therapies, including site and investigator training, medical science liaisons, medical education, medical information, medical communications, KOL engagement, post-launch scientific research, and HEOR

Early Findings

  • Industry updates from the field of stem cell research and regenerative medicine in February 2019” is a report covering the latest developments in stem cell research and regenerative medicine.
  • A stem-cell race that no one wins” is an editorial piece covering regulatory challenges related to stem cell commercialization.
  • Enabling the next level of pluripotent stem-cell based therapies, from bench to commercialization” is an article on how innovative solutions needed for cell-based therapies to close the gap between research and commercialization.
  • "The Stem Cell Triple Play: 3 Companies With Great Value Drivers" is an article including the basics of the stem cell sector, and three companies in the regenerative medicine commercialization space.
  • "Google to Ban Ads for Stem Cell Therapies" highlights the company's platform wide ban on ads related to unproven medical procedures, including untested stem cell and gene therapies.
  • "Looking Ahead: Commercialization strategies for gene and cell therapy companies" discusses the new generation of rapidly emerging gene and cell therapy and how they will transform the biopharmaceutical industry.
  • "Scaling up gene therapy to address global commercialization challenges" is an article on the emerging gene and cell therapy companies and how they are meeting unmet needs in healthcare.
  • "Forging a new path to commercialization for cell and gene therapies" discusses what changes will be need in terms of innovating in manufacturing, pricing, and reimbursement of gene therapy.

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