Electric Vehicles in New York


To understand what percentage of auto dealerships in New York State sell electric vehicles (preferably broken down into Hybrid EV, Battery EV, and Plugin-Hybrid EV) and to understand the number of municipalities in New York State that have some sort of electric vehicle program. This information is needed to present facts and figures to a client.

Early Findings

Statistics on EV Cars In New York

  • In New York, there are 46,991 electric vehicles on the road.
  • Of the electric vehicles, 21,000 are battery electric vehicles and 26,000 are plug-in/extended range vehicles.
  • The most popular model is the Tesla Model 3 of which 7,100 vehicles are on the road. This is a battery electric vehicle.

New York Auto Dealerships Selling Electric Vehicles

  • This is a list of auto dealerships in New York State that have signed up for the Drive Clean Rebate. It was assumed that only dealerships that sell EV would sign-up. Approximately 641 dealerships are listed.
  • In New York there are a total of 854 new car dealerships.
  • Thus the percentage of dealerships in New York State that sell electric vehicles is 75% (=(641/854)*100%)

EV Programs in New York State

  • There are several statewide programs in New York state surrounding electric vehicles. Some include ChargeNY, Multi-State ZEV Action Plan, the Transportation and Climate Initiative, Clean Fleets New York, and Clean Cities (which includes the cities of Capital District, Central New York, Empire (NYC & Hudson Valley), Genesee Region, Greater Long Island, and Western New York.

Summary of Findings

  • During the initial hour of research, we focused on determining which percentage of auto dealerships in New York State sell electric vehicles and a quick scan of EV programs in New York State.
  • The auto dealerships that are part of the Drive Clean Rebate were found and it was assumed that being a member meant that these dealerships also sold electric vehicles. The time was too short to determine the breakdown of dealerships according to the type of EV.
  • Also, the EV programs that were encountered during the research were listed. This included programs in 6 cities in New York.

Research proposal:

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