Research Proposal

CEOs & MDs Top Colleges


To proportionally rank colleges in the U.S. by researching the number of CEOs and M.D.s that have graduatedUS from the top 30 colleges in the U.S.

Early Findings


  • USNews created a list in 2019 of the American universities that the CEOs from the top 500 Fortune companies' have attended. The list ranked the schools by how many CEOs they produced and included what the school's USNews university ranking was.
  • Texas A&M ranked No. 1 with 4 CEO graduates (Exxon Mobile, Cigna, Humana, Phillips 66) (66th); Michigan-Ann Arbor was No. 2 with 3 (27th); Penn State — University Park was No. 3 with 3 (59th); Dartmouth College was No. 4 with 2 (12th); and Duke University was No. 5 with 2 (8th). The ranking in the parentheses is the ranking USNews gives the university in general.
  • CNBC conducted a similar study in 2018 of 30 schools that have produced the most Fortune 500 company CEOs. According to this article, the University of Wisconsin had produced the most CEOs with 14, followed by Harvard, Cornell, University of Michigan, and Stanford. The article stated that Big 10 schools had the highest percentage of CEOs at 12.4%.
  • The CEO of Cisco attended Indiana University — Bloomington. Marc Lore, the CEO of Walmart, attended Bucknell.


  • In 2012, UCLA had the most applicants for med school at 823. The University of Michigan and the University of California-Berkeley had 812 and 768 applicants respectively.
  • USNews also ranked 188 med schools in the U.S. The top 10 were Harvard, Johns Hopkins, University of Pennsylvania, New York University, Stanford, Columbia, Mayo Clinic School of Medicine, UCLA, University of California — San Francisco, and Washington University — St. Louis.
  • CNBC ranked 15 medical schools in the U.S. based upon research grants and faculty-to-student ratio. The top 15 were Harvard, Johns Hopkins, University of Pennsylvania, Stanford, University of California — San Francisco, UCLA, Columbia, Washington University — St. Louis, New York University, Mayo Clinic, Cornell, University of Washington, Yale, University of Pittsburgh, and Duke.
  • Sachin H. Jain, CEO and MD for CareMore and Aspire Health graduated from Harvard. Travis Stork M.D. graduated from the University of Virginia. Dr. Nita Landry attended the University of South Alabama. Dr. Sonia Batra attended Harvard for med school.

Summary of Initial Research

  • Our initial one-hour research was able to identify a couple of rankings for schools that produce the most CEOs in the U.S. However, we were unable to find a ranking of medical schools that produce the most doctors. We were only able to find rankings of medical schools in general (i.e., the best med schools in the U.S.).
  • To create a full ranking of universities, we would recommend additional research.
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