Research Outline

B2B Sales Lead Qualification


Gain an understanding of the best ways to qualify inbound B2B sales leads, in order to make recommendations to a sales team on how to qualify their leads, with a focus on most important factors, methodologies and principles, and related statistics on sales lead qualification.

Early Findings

  • One digital marketing expert lists four main factors to qualify leads; whether they are in the department to make a decision, their position in the chain of command, company size, and company revenue.
  • Another source notes an effective B2B lead qualification process follows five basic steps; a)determine what the prospect needs b)confirm that your solution is the right fit c)know the prospect's budget d)Identify your prospect's influence level e)understand the prospect's timeline.
  • Prospect budget qualification involves understanding several factors- current spend addressing the problem your service addresses, what department budget this comes out of, cost to build a solution internally, cost of loss for ignoring the problem, ROI on your solution, and budget range they've set for it.
  • One report notes that while there are often universal ways to qualify leads, "Lead qualification does not follow a one-size-fits-all approach. Every business has different needs and a different market to cater to, that changes at its own pace."
  • Only 56% of B2B companies are verifying business leads before passing them on to their sales team.
  • 22% of B2B companies are reaching out to prospects on a weekly basis to nurture leads.