Combate Americas


The goal is to find out more about the company Combate Americas including revenue, events, top executives, and competitors.

Early Findings

  • We could not find a CMO for Combate Americas. We did find that the CEO is Campbell McLaren and the Senior VP of Marketing is Billy Sanez.
  • We did not find an agency related to Combate Americas.
  • Combate Americas has signed a 3-year contract with Univision and Groupo Televisa. The deal will bring their televised events to Mexico.
  • Competitors of Combate Americas include Telemundo Boxing, TNT, ESPN 2, and Paramount. Combate Americas consistently beats their competitors in terms of viewers.
  • One example of the company's viewership is an event on October 11, 2019 that had 411,000 viewers on Univision alone.
  • The company has weekly to bi-weekly events in various cities around the United States. Most of the events are unthemed, but they did have a "Dia de Los Muertos" themed event on November 1 in Dallas, TX.
  • In April, Kate del Castillo invested $20 million in Combate Americas.
  • We could not find an actual revenue from Combate Americas. We did find an estimate of $14.2 million.

Proposed next steps:

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We propose continuing with a history of Combate Americas that includes when they were founded, what their mission is, any notable news articles involving the CEO, and any notable events or participants that have been involved with the company.
Alternatively, we can identify the top 3-4 competitors by revenue. For each, we will overview what events they offer, any notable event participants, what their viewership looks like, and who their top executives are.