Research Outline

Influencers in the field of Data Centers


Identify the list of top-ten experts/influencers in the field of data centers. Illustrate their expertise on 'data centers of the future,' by sharing their achievements, details about their company/technologies, articles, scientific publications, and relevant information from social media and blog posts.

Early Findings

Research Strategy:

Here we present a summary of one-hour preliminary research that serves as a guide for Wonder Researchers for in-depth research on the subject matter. We have also outlined basic information, and project scopes upon which the research shall be conducted. Please not that this is the first step in the process of conducting our research. We recommend our client to give feedback on this strategy to improve our next phase of research process.

1. Peter Poulin

  • He is the President and CEO of the company, 'Green Revolution Cooling (GRC).' His company patented a technology that radically simplifies the deployment of data center cooling infrastructure, by replacing chillers, and other conventional cooling components, and in the process reducing the energy and maintenance costs.
  • According to Peter Poulin, "At GRC our goal has been to lead the way in immersion cooling and shape the direction of the global data center market."
  • His vision is to enable the GRC to collaborate with the IT and data center leaders and revolutionize the data center industry.
  • He maintains an active social media presence on Twitter.

2. Rhonda Ascierto

  • Rhonda Ascierto has served as a Research director for data centers and critical infrastructure. She is currently the Vice President of Research Uptime Institute.
  • Rhonda possesses fifteen years of experience in IT and business. She has been an active speaker on panels at DCD Enterprise conferences, Uptime Institute symposiums, and the Data Center Summit. Her focus is on innovation and disruptive technologies in data centers and critical infrastructure, including those that enable the efficient use of all resources. She has authored articles on data center energy management, energy-efficient data center cooling, and modular data center designs.
  • Rhonda's Twitter handle can be found here.

3. Paul Clarke

  • Paul Clarke is the Operational Manager of two data centers for the Surrey County Council, UK; that provides services to more than 1 million people, with a budget of over £1 billion.
  • His expertise is in data centers, cloud computing, and cyber security.
  • He maintains an active social media presence and regularly posts on Twitter's social media page, 'The Data Centre Blog.'

4. Other Influences

  • Other influences in the field of data centers for the future can be found here.
  • Global experts and influences on cloud computing can be found here.

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